Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive inspection instruments utilize X-rays to penetrate materials. They include both fluoroscopy instruments and CT instruments, which are capable of creating tomographical images and performing 3-D observation. The images obtainable from minute of X-rays focus delivery high magnification. These instruments are essentially microscopes, which enable us to peer inside materials without destroying them.

Shimadzu released its first X-ray generating equipment for industrial use in 1933 and now has over half a century of experience in this field. Our current lineup reflects this extensive experience, and our instruments are contributing to improving quality and ensuring safety throughout the world.

One major feature of these products is the outstanding sharpness of the images they produce. This is the result of Shimadzu’s expertise at creating all three key components: the X-ray generator, the X-ray detector, and the image processing technology. Another major feature of these instruments is their user-friendly design. All our new instruments can perform observation positioning via an external image, allowing the operator to focus on the inspection display. Further, by eliminating the necessity for various types of calibration and automating as many tasks as possible, these instruments have been designed so that anyone can easily generate clear images.


Xslicer SMX-6000

The Xslicer SMX-6000 is an X-ray inspection system equipped with a Shimadzu microfocus X-ray generator and high-sensitivity flat panel detector and featuring CT scanning capability.


SMX-2000 is an X-ray Fluoroscopic inspection system for observing and inspecting internal structures and mounting conditions in electronic devices.

SMX-1000 Plus/SMX-1000L Plus

The SMX-1000 Plus and SMX-1000L Plus X-ray inspection systems are a further refinement of their popular predecessors, the SMX-1000 and SMX-1000L, which have become the benchmarks of the industry.


The SMX-800 is a system developed specially to meet such needs, comprising a touch screen display, a joystick, an intuitive user interface, and a newly designed high-speed stage, which reduces the time required for launching the software before inspections.

XDimensus 300

The XDimensus 300 is a dimensional X-ray CT system capable of measuring the 3D internal and external geometry of sample interiors.

inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR

The inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR is a high-performance microfocus X-ray CT system equipped with a Shimadzu microfocus X-ray generator and a large high-resolution flat panel detector.

inspeXio SMX-225CT

Featuring a proprietary microfocus X-ray generator and high-sensitivity X-ray detector, inspeXio SMX-225CT is Shimadzu’s top-of-the-line microfocus X-ray CT system.

inspeXio SMX-100CT

The inspeXio SMX-100CT is a CT system capable of performing high-magnification 3D observations of resins, medicines, bones, and other soft materials.

inspeXio SMX-90CT Plus

Built to be easy to use, speedy, and compact, the inspeXio SMX-90CT Plus benchtop X-ray CT system makes CT imaging simple for everyone.

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