Liquid Chromatograph – Mass Spectrometry

LC/MS is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool in many application fields. It provides the solution to the high reliability, productivity and sensitivity demanded in the areas of pharmaceuticals, food science, chemicals, and environmental analysis.

Shimadzu LC/MS systems have continually been at the forefront of instrument sensitivity, stability and ease of operation. Learn more below about Shimadzu’s full product range.



The LCMS-9030 quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer is a powerful instrument that integrates the world’s fastest and most sensitive quadrupole technology with TOF capabilities for accurate mass measurement. The LCMS-9030 provides superior sensitivity for quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples over a wide concentration rang, including ultra-trace compounds. Patented technologies ensure high resolution and excellent mass measurement accuracy (MMA), supporting structure elucidation and identification of unknown compounds. High throughput is achieved with Shimadzu’s unique acceleration technologies designed for high-speed data acquisition.

LCMS-8060NX LC/MS/MS System

The LCMS-8060NX is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with world-class sensitivity and detection speeds. It boasts increased robustness and ease of use as well as Analytical Intelligence to maximize your laboratory’s output.

LCMS-8060 LC/MS/MS System

The LCMS-8060 pushes the limits of what we can see. Creating the future of LC/MS/MS analysis can mea…

LCMS-8050 LC/MS/MS System

The high performance of the LCMS-8050 defies expectations, redefining high-sensitivity, high-speed a…

LCMS-8045 LC/MS/MS System

The LCMS-8045 was designed to be robust. The heated ESI probe, high-temperature heating block, heated desolvation line, drying gas, and focusing optics all act to maximize sensitivity and minimize contamination.

LCMS-8040 LC/MS/MS System

The LCMS-8040 can dramatically improve analytical throughput with ultra-high speed performance.In ad…

LCMS-2020 LC/MS System

Ultra high-speed mass spectrometer compatible for the first time with ultra high-speed liquid chroma…


The LCMS-IT-TOF is a new type of mass spectrometer that combines QIT (ion trap) and TOF (time-of-fli…

Nexera Mikros

The Nexera Mikros can be used to detect target components with higher sensitivity than with semi-micro flowrate compatible LCMS systems, which perform measurements within a flowrate range of 100 μL/min to 500 μL/min.


Fully automated sample preparation module for LCMS based on Shimadzu’s extensive experience manufacturing clinical systems that perform blood coagulation analysis. Simply place blood collection tubes in position and the module automatically performs sample pretreatment steps up to LC/MS/MS analysis.

DPiMS 8060

A triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with a DPiMS-8060 kit installed can acquire trace sample quantities using a probe and analyze component masses in the MS unit. The kit can also be used with an LCMS system, by installing it in an LCMS-8045/8050/8060 system for easy switching between PESI TQ and ESI units. Its ability to quickly detect drugs or metabolites in blood or tissue samples with only extremely simple pretreatment makes it ideal for simple screening applications.


The DPiMS QT probe electrospray ionization kit is attached to a quadrupole time-of-flight MS. The probe allows extremely small sample volumes to be selected and introduced into the MS unit for analysis. The DPiMS QT is a direct ionization interface unit that makes it simple for users to switch to ESI.

DPiMS 2020

The DPiMS-2020 is a single quadrupole mass spectrometer based on using probe electrospray ionization. It uses a probe to remove a micro quantity of liquid from the sample placed on the sample plate and inject it into the MS unit for mass analysis. It is extremely easy to operate and it is able to measure samples such as chemical products, food materials, and biological samples, directly or with very minimal sample pretreatment.

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