Industrial Products

Our carefully selected portfolio of industrial scale products have a proven track record of successful applications and use in scale-up projects. Our strength lies in efficiency and value. From robust day-to-day methods to bespoke solutions, Biotage products are here to serve. We can support the discovery, development and manufacturing of customer pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, from pre-clinical, phase I, II and III to small scale commercial operations.


Biotage® Flash 400 System

The Biotage® Flash 400 system is a complete skid-mounted system designed for kilogram scale separations. Built to last and engineered to perform, with materials that comply with FDA regulations and cGMP standards, Flash 400 is the first choice of pharmaceutical and contract manufacturin…

Large Scale Flash Cartridges

The original flash cartridges invented by Biotage deliver world class purification and ease of use. These industrial scale cartridges provide a straightforward purification scale-up path from other flash cartridges.

Metal Scavenging Screening Kits

Biotage® Metal Scavenging Screening Toolkits are essential tools that enable quick and efficient identification of candidate metal scavengers for an application. Containing our most popular metal scavengers, with protocols for screening and scale up, whether working with batch stirrin…

Biotage® MP-TMT

Biotage® MP-TMT is a macroporous polystyrene-bound trimercaptotriazine, a resin bound equivalent of 2,4,6-trimercaptotriazine (TMT). MP-TMT scavengers residual palladium from palladium catalyzed reactions and has also shown to remove other metals. The MP-base copolymer has been designe…


ISOLUTE® Si-TMT is the silica bound equivalent of 2,4,6-trimercaptotriazine (TMT). Si-TMT has been shown to efficiently scavenge residual palladium from palladium-catalyzed reactions.


ISOLUTE® Si-Thiol is the silica-bond equivalent of 1-propanethiol, which is useful for covalent scavenging of electrophiles. The main application is the use to scavenge a variety of metals used in organic chemistry including Pd, Pt, Cu, Hg, Ag and Pb.

RENSA® Bulk Resins

The RENSA® product line, developed by MIP Technologies, represents a sophisticated resin library for purification enabling a highly selective retention of target compounds. Designed for the food industry, RENSA® industrial resins is the answer to getting rid of trace-level pesticides.

MIPs – Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

Our designed resins with unique selectivity are ideal for removal of low-level contaminants, or extraction of high value desirables from any process. Their minimal impact on a product’s flavor and fragrance makes them first choice for the food, beverage, flavor and fragrance industries.

Resin Development Service

Biotage is your partner in developing new polymer resins for chemical separations at industry scale. We have ten year’s experience in design and production of polymeric separation materials, including molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs).

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