Dissolution Testing

Dissolution is a test used by the Pharmaceutical industry to characterize the dissolution properties of the active drug, the active drug’s release and the dissolution from a dosage formulation. Dissolution testing is used to formulate the drug dosage form and to develop quality control specifications for its manufacturing process. In-vitro dissolution testing is a critical test that has to correlate with in-vivo clinical studies and which could require specific method developments. Dissolution testing is described in many pharmacopeias, in EP, USP chapters and FDA guidelines.


AT Dissolution Apparatus

The AT is the 4th generation of SOTAX dissolution baths and the heart of the Xtend™ Dissolution Line. Whether used as a manual apparatus or as the core component in an automated dissolution system – the AT has been designed for the most demanding environments.

AT MD Dissolution Apparatus

The AT MD is a fully automated bench-top dissolution system and can handle basket and paddle methods as well as sinkers including Japanese Sinkers.
It runs up to 8 unattended batches – from media preparation to data reporting.
From pre-run to runtime to post-run system cleaning, SOTAX s…

AT 70smart Dissolution Apparatus

The AT 70smart BS60 can handle basket, paddle, and methods requiring sinkers. By automating vessel filling and cleaning steps, the hands on time required to run up to 15 lots of dissolution in a row is eliminated.
From pre-run to post-run system cleaning, SOTAX streamlines your workflow…

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