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Shimadzu introduced its first digital integrator in 1969. Since then Shimadzu has been a leader in the field of processing of chromatographic data. The microprocessor controlled Chromatopac series starting with the C-R1A and continuing today with the C-R8A is a continuation of that history. Shimadzu has also advanced over the years in the field of PC based data systems, progressing from a DOS-based system to today's Labsolutions Series Workstation.

21 CFR Part11 Compliance Part 11 in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations includes the US Federal guidelines for storing and protecting electronic records and applying electronic signatures. Shimadzu Chromatography Workstation with CLASS-Agent Data Management Software was designed to provide a full feature set to help companies using chromatography instrument comply with this ruling.



LabSolutions features an innovative operating environment and provides complete data management to…

LabSolutions CS

Freely Accessible to the Analysis Network

LabSolutions DB

Secure Data Management with a PC

LabSolutions LCGC

File Based LC/GC Control and Analysis Software

LabSolutions GPC Software

This addition enables control and use of GC and HPLC instruments, including a GPC system, for analys…

LabSolutions Insight

With LabSolutions Insight software, quantitative results for a complete series of data files can be …

LabSolutions Insight Library Screening

LC/MS/MS Screening Software

LabSolutions Connect

LabSolutions Connect can perform everything from execution of the optimization of MRM transitions and interface parameters to checking of the optimization results, creation of method and batch files for quantitative analysis, and quantitative calculations.


LabSolutions Report Plus

The Ultimate Software for Assisting in the Creation of Reports Freely Configurable with Any Content

LabSolutions Balance

Integrate Analysis Data Acquired from Balances to Analytical Network Data System Compliant with ER/ES Regulations


The CLASS-Agent software conducts database management of various data files from HPLC, GC, GCMS, LCM…

C-R8A Integrator

The data processing functionality of the highly-acclaimed Chromatopac line is now even more advanced…

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