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AP Series

Faster Response and Higher Stability

AUW-D Series

AUW-D dual-range semi-micro balances are the world’s first five-decimal balances with the advantages…

AU Series

AU models are the newest single-range analytical balances engineered with the UniBloc technology.

ATX/ATY Series

ATX/ATY series realized high specification and low cost with UniBloc. ATX/ATY series achieve us…

UW/UX Series

The new line of Shimadzu top-loading balances are engineered with the innovative UniBloc mechanism w…

TW/TWC Series

The beginning of the new standard


The beginning of the new standard

BL Series

High-resolution balances made affordable.

ELB Series

Dry battery operation makes it readily portable, with no compromise in accuracy.

BW-K/BX-K Series

The patented UniBloc (OPF) sensor achieves high-performance, compact size, and durability at the sam…


In many fields, a moisture analyzer is a necessary tool for quality control requirements. With the M…


The moisture content of a variety of samples can be measured using an array of drying modes. The dry…

LabSolutions Balance

Integrate Analysis Data Acquired from Balances to Analytical Network Data System Compliant with ER/ES Regulations

AW/AX/AY Series

AW/AX/AY Series provides performance and essential features at excellent value.

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