Thermal Analysis

Sales of Ver.2 of the TA-60WS Thermal Analysis Workstation began in July, 2003. When combined with the Part11 package and data system CLASS-Agent, TA-60WS provides powerful support for compatibility with electronic recording and electronic signatures.Ever since Shimadzu developed Japan's first Differential Thermal Analyzer DT-1 in 1958, it has continued to strive towards the ultimate goal in this area of analyzers. Solutions gained during this process have been commercialized as a variety of concepts – micro DTA, multi-channel and standalone – which have been given high marks by customers as means for solving their problems. Currently, we have available a lineup of products centering around the new 60 Series Thermal Analysis Instruments that embody market needs through the very latest technology.


DSC-60 Plus Series

The DSC-60 Plus is an indispensable thermal analyzer for materials characterization in R&D and quality control applications in such areas as polymers, pharmaceuticals, electronic parts, foods, etc. It offers the sensitivity and easy operation required for the development of high-performance, highly functional new materials.


Simultaneous TG/DTA improves ease of operation, sensitivity and analytical accuracy of conventional standalone systems.


Capable of evaluating the mechanical characteristics of materials, the TMA-60/60H thermomechanical analyzers are applicable to a number of measurement methods* (expansion, tension, and penetration) for a variety of samples.

TGA-50/50H And TGA-51/51H

These thermobalances give satisfying performance with respect to all criteria in vibration tolerance, stability, noise level, tolerance of room temperature fluctuations, and more.


This DTA uses a dumbbell-shaped detector. A temperature controller, gas flow adjuster, and transmission interface have all been incorporated into a slim, 173 cm-wide body. A high-temperature DSC function is also included.

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