RESTEK Reference Standards

Restek offers fully ISO-compliant documentation for our reference standards. Electronic and archived on Restek‚Äôs servers, certification for your stock or custom reference standards is available any time and from anywhere. You no longer need filing cabinets and boxes full of paper…. Let Restek be your data repository and your source for unbeatable reference standards.

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All Reference Standards

Thousands of top-notch Restek reference standards are available in one comprehensive list. Browse through our offering, or start by targeting a specific compound.

Clinical, Forensic, & Toxicology

Source reference standards for the analysis of blood alcohols, drugs of abuse, explosives, medical marijuana, personal care products, and more.


By compound or class, ASTM or EPA method, search our huge selection of MegaMix and other reference standards formulated specifically for environmental labs.

Foods, Flavors & Fragrances

Pesticide, PAH, QuEChERS, and other food safety reference standards headline a product offering that also covers nutritional and fragrance analysis.

Petroleum & Petrochemical

Easily find Restek reference standards for specific ASTM petrochemical methods, as well as sulfur, refinery gas, and natural gas analyses.


Restek offers reference standards for USP- and EP-method-based residual solvent analysis and other sensitive pharmaceutical applications.

Single Component Solutions

Over 500 single component solutions in the Restek reference standards line give you the flexibility you need for any analysis in your lab.

Test Mixes

Filter our product listing of test mix reference standards by GC or LC, then choose the right option for your work.

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