GC Columns

For over 30 years, Restek has designed and manufactured gas chromatography (GC) columns. From fused silica to metal MXT, from PLOT to packed, we offer a wide variety of both general-purpose and application-specific GC columns to analysts around the world. Our research team develops proprietary stationary phases and optimized GC column chemistries to span the full polarity range, making it easy to select a perfectly matched GC column that helps you run faster and produce outstanding results.

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Fused Silica Capillary

Manufacturer of Rxi as well as Rtx, Stabilwax, Rt, and other renowned GC column brands, Restek draws our own fused silica tubing to ensure ample supply and utmost quality.

Metal (MXT) Capillary

Siltek-treated stainless steel MXT GC columns are ideal where small coil diameters are a must or the potential for breakage is elevated: high temperatures, field instruments, process GCs, small ovens, and more.

Packed & Micropacked

Restek packed and micropacked GC columns give you the inertness of glass and durability of steel. Get accurate, breakage-free results for a wide range of active compounds.

PLOT Columns

Available in both fused silica and MXT metal tubing, Restek’s next-generation PLOT GC columns offer minimized particle release, more consistent flow, and outstanding peak symmetry for improved analysis.

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