Density / Specific Gravity Meter


Density / Specific Gravity Meter [DA-650/ 645/ 640]

Equipped with sampling and dry pump
Measuring Range:±0 – 3 g/cm3
Temp Range:±0 – 96℃ (32 – 204.8°F)

Density / Specific Gravity Meter [DA-100]

With thermal control built-in
Reproducibility: ±1 X 10-3g/cm3
Temperature: 15 – 40°C

Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter [DA-130N]

Portable type for hand carryWith temperature compensation automatically
Sampling is single hand controlled…

All-in-One Analyzer [ASCA-6400]

The ASCA-6400 presents a new concept of analysis, consisting of high-precision Density/Specific Gravity Meter, Refractometer and newly-designed Gondola-transfer Sampler with all built in the compact chassis.

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