Carlo Erba (General Lab)

22nd February 2018 By

After long years spent in the bosom of Group Montedison, CARLO ERBA Reagents is again an independent group.
Dr Carlo Erba was born exactly in 1853 when the enterprising Milanese pharmacist who gave his name to the company decides to add a production laboratory. The company grew rapidly and by the death of its founder, in 1888, is already one of the jewels of the industry.

Some key figures :

1853 Beginning of the Italian Industrial pharmaceutical adventure with Dr. Carlo Erba
1897 First Reagent catalog
1970 Creation of SdS in Peypin
1992 Construction of the site of Val de Reuil
2002 Integration in Barclays P.E.
2004 Bringing together with the SdS company
1st january 2005 Carlo Erba Réactifs-SdS creation
2007 Extension of the site de Val de Reuil
2008 Spanish subsidiary company Carlo Erba Reagents-SdS
2011 Creation of CARLO ERBA Reagents
2013 Integration in Dasit Group S.p.A., an Italian holding company founded in 1982 and owners of several well-known companies in the fields of In-Vitro Diagnostics, life sciences and industrial production.

CARLO ERBA Reagents is the 1st manufacturer of laboratory reagents in France and South of Europe with 2
production plants in France and around 150 people working :

  • Val de Reuil, near Paris (France)
  • Peypin, near Marseille (France)
  • Milano, in Italy (Group headquarter)In this way, the company Carlo Erba, 160 years after its foundation, continues to accompany progresses and achievements in the fields of medicine and chemistry, also enriched by the Laboratory Sciences Division, which serves as a “partner of choice” of scientific researchers.